Sentry Garage Door Maintenance

Sentry North Garage Doors is a family owned and operated small business servicing our friends and neighbors in North Houston. Our trained staff is dedicated is devoted to giving you honest and courteous garage door sales, installation, service and repair for your overhead garage door at great prices. Our quality products and services are performed by friendly and skilled technicians, and our staff is focused on your needs. We’ll meet with you in person to talk about your project, we’ll discuss all the details and offer you choices that meet your needs and your budget. Most garage door maintenance, installations and replacements can be done within a few days. If you have an emergency we’ll work quickly to make things right, possibly even the same day.

Maintaining Your Garage Doors

While consulting experts for repairs and replacements, there are things that you can do yourself to for garage door maintenance and add years to its life. These simple steps will also let you know when it’s time to call our trained technicians to make sure your equipment is safe and in working order.

  • Clean the tracks – make sure the tracks on either side are free from debris. You can even use a level to make sure the door is plumb, but remember major adjustments are best left to the professionals.
  • Check the auto-reverse safety feature – you’ll want to check both mechanisms, the mechanical and the photocell, involved in the auto-reverse safety feature. To test the mechanical, place a brick, a piece of wood or other object on the ground in the path of the garage door then close the garage door. When the garage door comes in contact with the object, it ought to reverse direction and return back up. You can test photoelectric system with its beams on both sides by closing the door and passing your leg (or an object) in the path of the door. The door should reverse. If your garage door doesn’t pass these tests, it’s time to call an expert.
  • Examine your garage doors – check wood doors for water damage and warpage. Keep an eye out for chipped and peeling paint too. Examine steel doors for rust spots. The spots will need to be sanded, primed and painted. Don’t forget to wash your garage door with a mild all-purpose cleaner regularly. A great way to remember is to clean the garage door the same time you clean your car.

Give us a call to get more garage door maintenance tips and to get a yearly safety check for your garage doors.

Garage Door Repair Services

When your garage doors need more than routine garage door maintenance, we offer a full range of services to make sure that your garage door is not just in working order, but that it’s safe too. Call us today and ask about our garage door services including: Sentry North Garage Doors has options for every budget. We can help with everything from basic raised panel, non-insulated doors, sturdy two-sided steel insulated garage doors, all the way to top of the line one of a kind handcrafted doors. No matter what you’re looking for we have the right garage door for you.