Sentry Garage Door Installation

At Sentry North Garage Doors we service and install garage doors right the first time. Garage door installation is a job that should be left to the professionals, because of the dangers associated with heavy doors and high tension. Call Sentry North Garage Doors, and we will schedule a service call. Usually that same day! When we come to your house we will inspect your door to see if it simply needs repair or if you do indeed need a new door installed. New garage doors can also increase your home’s curb appeal and equity/value, so there are many reasons to upgrade beyond convenience and safety.

Included in our basic garage door installation is everything from taking the first measurements to hauling off the old door, along with cleanup and final inspection of the completed job with the customer. Our technicians are professional and insured contractors, so you can be sure that the highest standards are being upheld during the entire installation process. We strive to give you the best deal and leave you with the peace of mind that your door has been installed safely and correctly.

Sentry North Garage Doors is your local garage door installation expert. Give us a call (713) 316-4960 or use this form to send us a note.


  • Pre-installation site inspection to confirm measurement and determine installation conditions. NO CHARGE!
  • Delivery of new garage door up to 50 Miles away from our Spring location.
  • Tear down, Haul off and Disposal of existing sectional garage door.
  • Installation of Torsion Springs on all doors when possible.
  • Re-connection of UL- Approved garage door opener when replacing an existing sectional garage door.
  • Final cleanup and inspection of finished job with the customer.
  • One year warranty on installation. Does not include problems, or damage caused by misuse, or impact.

Note: additional models, custom sizes, & garage door repair service available.


  • Remount existing opener on a 1 pc conversion
  • Installation of low headroom track
  • Hardware upgrade package (springs, rollers and upgraded hinges)
  • Outside locks
  • Inside slide lock (locks not recommended for doors with openers)
  • New Handles each side
  • Handles from old door installed at time of installation by request – each side
  • One Piece Conversion 8×7 & 9×7
  • One Piece Conversion 16×7
  • Trim Packages: Wood (recommended) installed, Vinyl (not recommended) installed and caulked


  • Remote existing opener on 1 PC conversion
  • Low headroom track
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Outside locks installed
  • Inside slide lock installed
  • New handles installed
  • Old handles installed
  • One piece door conversions
  • Framing
  • EPA haul off (RRP Rule lead safe removal)

note: trim packages & other upgrades not listed are offered at an additional cost. Please call for custom door sizes.