Sentry Garage Door Openers

Broken garage door openers can be one of the most annoying things to ever happen to you. This is especially the case when you are in a rush to go somewhere and as you reverse out of your garage, the door opener decides to stop working.

You get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that tells you to phone someone to repair it, but how many of these companies can be trusted?

Even more important: how many of these companies can do it right the first time around without making any mistakes?

Garage door openers photo of LiftMaster Premium Series 3280We have all your Spring TX garage door service answers. Let us have a look at your garage door openers and investigate the problem! We are more than qualified to get your garage door back in working order and you can contact us today for an obligation-free quote. We try to repair your garage door opener before we resort to the drastic step of replacing it. A quick repair can last you for up to 15 years! If need be, we can replace your garage door opener efficiently without a hassle. Here are some of the products that we recommend if you need to replace your garage door opener.

Screw Drive Opener

A screw drive opener is the perfect solution for if you want a smooth yet quiet operating system in your garage. What is really unique about this garage door opener is that it works wonders for people who have rooms on top of their garages. The top features are a solid steel T-rail with an automatic belt tensioner and an augmented belt drive system. This means that even though the sound and vibrations will be non-existent, you will still have peace of mind with a strong garage door opener.

Jackshaft Opener

The jackshaft opener is great for anyone due to its amazing flexibility – no matter the size of your garage of your garage door. Whilst most garage door openers are attached to the roof of a garage, the jackshaft opener fits snug onto the wall of your garage. This gives you the freedom to replace your garage door openers without having to make any adjustments whatsoever. It comes with a remote and a light that will be activated if there are any power shortages.

Chain Drive Opener

The chain drive opener is to garage doors what pickup trucks are to men – fast, reliable, and rugged. This is one of the garage door openers that will not let you down and it carries the strength of a wildebeest. With an industrial steel chain, it provides a sturdy grip on any type of door, but it still delivers a smooth movement. We recommend LiftMaster because parts last a long time and are readily available.

Belt Drive Opener

One of the features on the belt drive opener is its standby power system. This allows you to still see in the dark when the lights go out. It will open the garage door for 40 cycles over 24 hours and recharges again when the lights come back on. The safety and security features of these garage door openers also continue to operate when there is a power failure. As with the screw driver opener, it reduces the amount of noise during operation and a smooth start-stop function.

Contact us today so that we can investigate your garage door openers! We work door-to-door with same day service and no extra charge over weekends.