Garage Door Repair The Most Common Problems

Garage door repair the most common problems are usually something to which we give little thought. As other doors to our house, they open and close, we go in and out, and there is no problem. There is a bit more to a garage door than your front door, though, and it really does deserve a little more attention. If you are sitting in your car trying to get out of your garage and the door won’t open, that door will have your undivided attention.

So what kind of problems most often arise with garage doors that require attention?

There are two distinct elements to your garage door, with distinct problems.

The first is the door itself. That is the panels of the door and all of the hardware by which it is installed and operates. That would include panels of the door, torsion springs, cables, pulleys, rollers, the brackets by which the cables or the rollers are mounted to the door, hinges, and the roller tracks.

Repair man going through garage door repair the most common problems checklistThe most common problem with the door would be squeaking or sticking rollers. The rollers need to be lubricated periodically. That would include lubricating both the roller shaft and the bearings within the roller. That should be done as routine periodic maintenance, but if you overlook it they will be likely to let you know lubrication is needed by making noise or not moving smoothly when the door is opened and closed. The problem with waiting for that reminder is that some damage to the rollers may have already have occurred when you notice the signs of trouble.

Another door problem is worn cables. They will wear over time and in time the wear may become visible. When that happens they should be replaced.

Garage Door Repair The Most Common Problems

The other common problems with garage doors are problems with the automatic garage door opener, and the most obvious among them is a door that won’t open or close.

If you hit the button on the remote and nothing happens it is almost always has one of four causes. If you hit the wall switch to open or close the door and nothing happens, it is almost always narrows down to one of them – the power is off. Check circuit breakers to see if the power is off there.

The other reasons a garage door opener may be completely non-responsive are: you are trying to operate the door from outside the reception range of the opener; the battery in your remote needs replacing; and in rare instances, you may need to reprogram your remote.

There are also some garage door problems that can be remedied with simple adjustment of switches on the opener.

Other common garage door opener problems include: a door that will not fully open or close; a door that touches the ground and immediately reverses; a door that does not fully close but automatically reverses; and a door that fully opens but the door opener motor continues to run. All of those problems are typically corrected with simple adjustments of switches on the opener.

Now that you know what to look for, take a few minutes to inspect your garage door to see if it needs maintenance or repairs.