Garage Door Spring Replacement

Things to be aware of:

  • If you can lift a gallon of milk, you should be able to lift your garage door, even a double-wide garage door.
  • Your garage door, when lifted by hand should FLOAT in any position from 1-3.5 feet from the ground.
  • Your garage door should not come crashing to the ground like a sack of bricks.
  • Your garage door should not raise up in the air without being lifted by you or your electric door opener.
  • Any reputable garage door company should offer a 3-5 year warranty on any spring replacement.

If your garage door is difficult to open, or difficult to close (BY HAND) most likely your springs are wrong, AND NOT SAFE!! It is very common for some garage door companies out here to just put any size spring on your garage door, then simply re-attach your electric door lift system without giving it a second thought. But you would never know it was the incorrect size until a spring breaks or your opener burns out from lifting an incorrectly balanced garage door. Trust the professionals at Sentry Spring TX garage door service company to carefully gauge the correct size springs for your overhead door system and educate you on how your system works.

A broken garage door can pose a lot of problems; it can expose your car and home to the harsh effect of weather conditions and also act as a portal for thefts. If your garage door is compromised or broken, please call the professionals at Sentry North Garage Doors to handle the situation. We are available to take your call days, nights and weekends. Check out our garage door blog for lots of valuable garage door & opener information.