Choosing Best Garage Door Opener

There are a variety of things you should keep in mind when searching for information about choosing best Garage Door Opener.

  • Noise – Whether you are particularly sensitive to loud noises, or there is a living space adjacent to or directly above the garage- you’re going to want to ensure your garage door opener is quiet. In cases like this your best bet is a direct-driven or belt-driven model.
  • Remote Control – If your home is in a densely-populated area then there’s a strong likelihood that the signals from neighbors’ doors could interfere with your Garage Door Opener. A dual frequency opener is ideal as this switches automatically between the frequencies in order to reduce interference.
  • Battery Backup – A battery backup allows you to continue using your Garage Door Opener during a power outage. It’s a rare feature, though, and is usually only found in high-end models. If you don’t have a battery backup, your Garage Door Opener should include a manual release feature. This will allow you to open and close the door during power outages.
  • Rolling Code Security Technology – This is a newer technology. When you use your remote control, it chooses a brand-new access code from a billion possibilities. This works to prevent burglars from guessing your code, and prevents a neighbor’s remote from opening your door.
  • Internet Connectivity – Smart homes are all the rage, and if you want to be able to open, close, or check the status of your garage door from another location, then internet connectivity is a must.
  • Overhead Lights – Lights are standard when it comes to Garage Door Openers, however, keep your eyes peeling for a light you are able to control independently. There are a variety of models which have a motion sensor and will activate lights automatically.
  • Touchpad Entry – This may not be a standard feature, but in many cases, you can add it.

Things to Know Before Choosing Best Garage Door Opener

  • The Motor – Garage doors can be uninsulated, lightweight aluminum, or insulated heavy options made from solid wood, or glass. Weight is obviously a consideration; however, most doors are counterbalanced. So, a ½ horsepower Garage Door Opener is generally sufficient. Factors like size and frequency of use are more critical factors to consider. However, if you use your garage door frequently, and it’s a main entrance point to your home, you will want to opt for an opener with higher horsepower.
  • The Height – Every Garage Door Opener should be able to handle a standard 7-foot door without need for modification. However, if your door is taller you will need an extension kit.
  • The Safety – Safety is a priority, because no matter what your garage door opener has control over the largest and heaviest moving object found in your home. An average garage door weighs hundreds of pounds, and can weigh as much as 600 pounds. So, safety has to be a crucial aspect you consider. Under federal law, Garage Door Openers (produced after 1993) must include sensors that will prevent the garage door from hitting someone in its path. Other safety features include automatic reverse, this feature stops the door. There are certain Garage Door Openers, like Chamberlain openers, that rely on sensors which will stop the door if it makes contact with any object. Others come with a sensor that projects an invisible light beam across the opening of the garage. If the beam is interrupted, then the door will stop opening/closing.

Choosing Best Garage Door Opener – Know What To Look For

Choosing best garage door opener overhead mounted systemYou may think this sounds simple and straightforward and you can handle the installation yourself, too. If you have a decent level of handyman skills, then you could tackle the job yourself. Not everyone is handy enough to handle such a complex task. Moreover, there are a lot of moving parts involved and it can be a complicated project, and it takes more than one person to get the job done. Before undertaking such a task, you would need to thoroughly read through the instructions multiple times, and check to see that every component is present. Additionally, you can expect it to take at least 4 hours to get the job done.

The better option, however, would be to enlist the services of professionals like Sentry Garage Doors. If by this point you don’t have an idea about which garage door opener is right for you, then Sentry can offer advice on the best garage door opener for your home. Sentry can also handle the removal of the old opener, and take care of the installation of the new garage door opener.